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I've been thinking about that Ruger carbine. How do you like it?

I was thinking it would be nice to have because of ammo price and availability to swap with my pistol. I'm wondering what the accuracy is, quality of build, etc.

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It’s kind of heavy.. but it’s a takedown.. and it’s a Ruger so very reliable, accurate, and solid build quality

Do it

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Build quality is solid, I am a terrible shot, but I can get some ok groups at 50 yards.

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Rugers are the best

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They're in the top three of the mid-tier.

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Can you hit a torso sized object while you are proned out or leaning/resting at 50/200 yards with a 223 or better? Congratulations you're ready for 90% of SHTF combat.

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Me: "Hm... That does look kind of nifty, and it would be nice to have a handy little rifle in the same caliber as my carry pistol."

Ruger: "MSRP: $649.00"

Me: "Oh, okay. I'll just stick with my $500 AR, then."

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The selection of ARs kinda suck out here in CA though. I was thinking this might be a decent option. Saw one cerakoted at a show in December and almost got it then. Kinda wish I would have now.

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I have one. It is so fun and great to shoot. Super accurate and 9mm is not too bad to find nor on the wallet

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For anyone considering the ruger 9mm pcc. You might take a gander at the tnw aero survival rifle. Its up the same alley

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What kind of rifle is that? Doesn't look off the shelf.

At first thought it was a shotgun then zoomed in a realize that magazine was to small for shotgun. .22 Mag?

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And now I want one. Damnit.

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Me too. Also, damn it.

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Don’t forget they make one with a pistol grip! You will go through boxes of 9 so fast with this thing

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Even better: they make one that’s a pistol. https://www.ruger.com/products/pcCharger/models.html

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takes out wallet

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This is the way.

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Damnit Janet!

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It's a great gun

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Fuck yeah! ROOF KOREANS!!! BAMFs.

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Smart buying a carbine that uses the same mags as your pistol.

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That's fuckin tight. What are ballistics like on that? Effective range?

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This is so kickass!

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Non Asian here, I hate that this is even a thing. Reading the story about the toddler being stabbed is enraging and heartbreaking.

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Fantastic carbine, bud. Good call. IDK why people would think a demographic that has endured so much armed conflict so recently would be a soft target. Give em hell.

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You’ve switched to the glock magwell, I take it?

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For fun stick reasons.

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I own that same carbine. Such a simple but fun gun. Cheers

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The eracist approves of this message!

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What kind of pistol is that?

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Sorry Glock 17

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awesome choice. any reason over the m&p 2.0 / sig?

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Same mags as the carbine 😬

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Iunno it was my first gun from a while ago.. Glocks are popular for a reason.. so that’s why Ruger made it compatible with Glock mags due to their popularity

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The best higher capacity pistol magazine in 9mm is the Glock 33rd mag, and they are both cheap and reliable. It's a no brainer.

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You have allies.

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Roof Korea is best Korea

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Every single Asian I've know has owned at least one gun. I live in California.

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We must be in different areas cause all the Asians I know are very anti gun. And then they send me articles about people targeting Asians for xenophobic attacks and I just roll my eyes.

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It's like people forget the roof-Koreans...

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I have not heard the seen any of this, other than a few anecdotal stories. Maybe it’s my area. Can you give more info on what you are seeing?

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Blaming China is a distraction. Republicans caused this.

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China's not blameless but we can't control them. The current administration's reaction is downright embarrassing though.

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I'm from Hawai'i, growing up my best friend was Japanese, his girlfriend was Filipino, my neighbors were Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Laotian, Chinese, Tongan, Samoan, Maori, etc. I grew up loving Asian cultures so much, they helped to define who I am today. That says a lot considering I'm a 6'4" white as hell looking dude covered in Polynesian tattoos. My Asian and black neighbors were really surprised when I left a note and contact info on every one's door telling them that if any one gives them grief to let me know along with the appropriate authorities. I have no patience for that shit. The angry Hawaiian in me comes out when I see that going on. Anyhoo, excellent taste, I'm glad you're taking steps. That's smart. Much Aloha!

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Hope you're staying safe through this, friend.
Sorry there are so many shitheads out there.

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2nd amendment applies equally to all Americans. By all means, please defend yourself and your families.

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Good on you for defending yourself. If you can swing it, get a rifle in a rifle caliber next. I mean 100% no disrespect to your current choice. I just want you to be appropriately armed for a defensive fight, and a pistol caliber carbine ain't it.

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Yea I have a Ruger AR556.. I know I’ll get downvoted to hell for an unpopular opinion but I think pistols (and pistol caliber rifles) are the only realistic home defense weapon for most... shotguns are deafeningly loud when fired indoors and require a shit ton of training to know how to shoot accurately and when/how to use what specific rounds.. AR15s are even worse re: permanent hearing damage and temporary deafness (suppressors are still loud) when fired inside — shotguns and ARs just don’t seem realistic to me on sound alone.

What do you mean by defensive fight? Hopefully I’ll have my ear protection on in whatever scenario

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I mean if you know you're going into a fight, and you have a rifle in a rifle caliber, you should take that rifle. I have shot a lot of guns indoors, and I will take 5.56 with earpro or deafness without over a pistol caliber carbine. Hell, in most cases I would reach for a 308 before a 9mm. You do you though. I'm not here to correct you.

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Are hate crimes on the rise? I've heard people talk about it but I've seen no statistics, and I've only read one story of a crazy lady attacking an Asian family while they were shopping.

But I welcome new gun owners always, so either way get yourself armed and learn to shoot. It's fun!

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And it’s your god given right to do so man. Good on ya, a well armed society is a polite society.

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Cough cough california riots cough cough

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Dude. You should get that cough checked. You don't have a fever, do you?

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Can you smell my finger?

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That pcc is awesome.

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Nice, a lot of stores near me have sales on the Ruger 9mm carbine

Probably a good choice for self-defense

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Aww hell, I have no intention of allowing anyone to indulge their petty racism in my presence.

See you at the range someday. Until then, be safe, my best wishes to you and yours.

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Roof Koreans!

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My SO is a particularly anti-gun Asian. Hasn't made any turns in opinion with the current events, but I'm doing my best to encourage being perceptive when I can't be around.

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I really need to go ahead and get a gun.

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If you do it rn just know all the prices on guns and ammo have skyrocketed at the moment. Hopefully it will go back down soon.

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Damn I was gonna get a beretta full size 9mm but I think I will get a glock bc now I want that rifle and same Mag is an awesome thing

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Get it because the mags are good. Get the Glock because the Glock is a better choice than a 92 series Beretta. Don't worry too much about making the stars align and having mags that work in both. If they do, that's fine. If they don't, don't lose sleep over it.

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Awesome! Just got the Ruger PC9 myself, I'm waiting on the Magpul backpacker stock.

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Question for OP, I keep hearing about this but I haven’t seen it in my area, have you experienced any uncomfortable situations since this has started? However while my gun stores doors were open still, we did get in a lot of Chinese immigrants and Asian Americans coming in to purchase handguns

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I have the same weapon light/mount. I bought an anker Bolder (~900-1200w) light to replace the ~400w light that came with it. I highly recommend it.

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I mean, if I'm buying a firearm shaped like that, it better be chambered for 12 gauge 3 inch shells.

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Yea that’s why I like the shotgun aesthetic.. but to each his/her own

But I can also carry multiple 33 round mags and regular pistol mags that fit both the rifle and the pistol.. shotguns have limited ammo volume options

Shotguns also take a shit ton more training and pain tolerance (being deaf and recoil) to be effective on how/when to use what type of ammo — these are skills I don’t have.

Also I have pets and am too concerned about the pellet spread, so would never get a shotgun for indoor home defense

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I guess you and I are just that different. I grew up in the woods, and I know that 12 gauge 00 buckshot will only spread about 4 inches for any realistic indoor distances, the recoil isn't that bad for me, I can easily crank out single arm shots if I want, but then I'm not exactly a small man.

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I have admired roof Koreans since day one.

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I was gonna go so some hate crimes but this post made me rethink that, thank you OP

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Beautiful! Good don’t let those idiots do what they want. Personally I love Asian culture and Asian people are so beautiful and attractive.

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I, for one, would love to see a return of the Rooftop Koreans.

Also, I think that would be an awesome band name.

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Don't follow the law if the law doesn't protect you. Better judged by 12 than carried by 6

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I know you might not be Korean but I had to say it